Presbyopia laser vision correction

When people reach middle age, in addition to feeling that their physical vitality is not as good as before, they also begin to see things as clearly as when they were young. Most people aged 40 or above ask themselves, "I'm starting to see things a little blurry, are there any old flowers?"

Ophthalmologist Tang Wenjie said that as we get older, the ciliary muscle responsible for focusing us will slowly lose its function, and the lens in front of the eye will gradually lose its elasticity.

Presbymax presbyopia laser vision correction surgery

"The human eye starts at the age of 40 with about 100 degrees of presbyopia, then increases by an average of 10 degrees every year, and by the age of 60 it is about 300 degrees. Due to poor focusing, patients will unconsciously stretch their arms forward when reading books and newspapers, and they need to wear reading glasses or progressive multifocal glasses to see things clearly." Dr. Tang said.

He emphasized that presbyopia is not an eye disease, but a degenerative process that naturally occurs with age, but when presbyopia affects life, it is also necessary to consider correcting it.

"In order to maintain their standard of living, many people will consider presbyopia surgery to correct their vision." Dr Tong pointed out, "Traditional presbyopia correction includes SLR vision and multifocal intraocular lens surgery, but both have imperfections, monocular vision surgery will blur the patient's mid-distance image, and the binocular visual field cannot be coordinated; Multifocal intraocular lens surgery has the potential for glare, which has a considerable impact on night driving, and patients need time to adapt after surgery, and a small number of patients even need to undergo surgery again to remove the intraocular lens due to persistent glare problems."

The introduction of Presbymax's presbyopia laser vision correction surgery in Hong Kong can improve the above problems and is a great boon for presbyopia.

Globally recognized presbyopia surgery

Dr Tong said, "Presbymax is suitable for presbyopia patients aged 40 to 60 without cataracts. The doctor will use a laser to polish the cornea to change the curvature, and correct myopia, farsightedness, and astigmatism to close to 0 degrees in the main eye to see distant images. The other eye reserves or creates about 150 to 250 degrees of myopia for seeing close-up images and counteracting presbyopia, and Spherical Aberration is added to increase the depth of field of both eyes, extend the focus, and change chromatic aberration, thus creating a 'fusion zone' for both eyes. This not only makes the far, medium and near full distance clear, but also does not affect the original color and three-dimensional sensitivity, and there will be no glare problem."

Dr. Tong added that Presbymax is a globally recognized and mature presbyopia correction program, which can provide clear vision at all distances and near distances, as well as postoperative stability and postoperative satisfaction of presbyopia patients. In addition, the procedure can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, safe and uncomfortable, most people can resume normal activities 24 hours after the operation, and perfect vision can be restored within a few weeks, suitable for most presbyopia patients.

Other presbyopia treatments

In addition to wearing reading glasses, another traditional presbyopia correction solution is "monocular vision" surgery, which is suitable for people aged 40 to 65, which uses laser vision correction technology to change the curvature of the cornea, correcting the myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism of the main eye to close to 0 degrees to see distant images, and adjusting the other eye to 150 to 250 degrees myopia to offset presbyopia to see close images.

The principle of "monocular vision" is similar to that of Prebsymax presbyopia laser vision, but "monocular vision" will blur the field of vision at medium distances and have a poor sense of stereoscopic.

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