Hong Kong has one of the highest rates of myopia in the world, and health department data show that 18.3 per cent of Hong Kong children have myopia at the age of 6, 62 per cent of them have myopia at the age of 12 after primary school graduation, and 90 per cent have nearsightedness in university.

Therefore, early prevention of myopia is particularly important. Hong Kong Vision Eye Center to participate in the national key research and development projects, has been 129,242 young people to verify the accuracy of the prediction of more than 80%, for young people short-sighted early warning to help.

Measure your child's diopters

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  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Specialties.
  • Fill out the questionnaire.
  • Conduct visual examination, optometrist, biometric scans, etc.
  • Check data entry.
  • Parents view refractive development profiles and intelligent predictionresults.
Big data results

 Ultimately, we wanted to know about age-progressive changes in refractive performance and refractive error at the same age

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